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so i moved to hong kong…

july 20, 2011

this means i’ll be eating in hong kong… and this also means i will have to be a lot more diligent about posting because there are food adventures on every corner. at every price range. at any hour.

so for starters, here you have my top 5 hong kong eats from the past 3 weeks:

5. crispy roast pork at super star seafood

4. nha trang soft shell crab fresh roll

3. peanut butter cupcake at sift

2. osaka-style meatball at ajitomi

1. "western" style fried rice at match box.

i’ve also started an openrice account! … check me out. sadly, i’m just a lowly “trainee”. will obviously have to work on that.

best thing i ate: patio filipino

this will be a photo-less blog post because… all i have are photos of the leftovers. and they turned out sad.

week ending june 20, 2010: i died and went to flip heaven

i do not understand why chinese people have such an aversion to filipino food. or they simply just don’t try it. i think it’s addictively awesome. i also have a conspiracy theory that there may be some hidden filipino blood in my family because we’re so dark.. but whatever. it’s such comfort food.

patio filipino had solid versions of the usual suspects, good value and large portions. their crispy pata has been on sf weekly’s food blog multiple times as one of their favorite carnivore dishes in the bay. it’s also named one of saveur’s top 100 things to eat. obviously we had to order it. was it the best i’ve ever had? no… the best i’ve had was on the beach on boracay. however, it succeeded in having tastily seasoned crispy skin while keeping the meat on the bone underneath moist and tender.

my favorite was the sizzling tofu sisig. sour, a little maggie sauce/bovril soy flavoring, and topped with some mayo/vegetable of some kind sauce. it was a joyful swirl of sweet, tangy, sour, creamy and crispy hot tofu served on a sizzling cast iron platter. probably not a tasting experience for everyone, but i was in love.

so if you’re in the bay, this is now one of my two fave filipino restaurants: patio filipino

best thing i ate: dino mac & cheese

for serious. i’ve been craving this at every meal since i had it on friday night. it’s pretty ridiculous.

week ending june 13, 2010: the cheesy dino lives

i have heard tons about this place, and i’m a big meat eater, so i flew into a flight of frenzy when i found out our friends brought a platter of dinosaur bbq to us from rochester. yes, the rib meat was good, the chicken was well seasoned — the skin was very tasty, slightly sweet. but the main show was the mac and cheese. we had it cold and it was still creamy, rich, delicious, cheesy, gooey, not congealed, not mushy. lord, it was scrumptious.

the next morning i woke up knowing this would make for an excellent breakfast only to fine one lone chicken thigh left in the tin platter. i cursed.

next time you’re upstate, do yourself a favor and go here.

best thing i ate: gems and pig ears

sooo.. traveling for work and dining with one’s boss does not allow for proper food photo taking.

week ending june 6, 2010: i didn’t bring my camera to the publican

the buttermilk dressing on the pig ear gem salad was perfect. slightly creamy, a little acidity and a bit of sweetness. the crunch of the pig ears was also a lovely bit of texture… i just wish the crispy little things had been hotter.

in fact, i wished the rest of the food at the publican had been hot, instead it was all lukewarm. we ordered the spicy pork rinds, suckling pig, smoked char, flank steak… meh, i prefer my chicharrónes hot. one additional bright spot was the ham sampler with paper thin slices of serrano. i did manage to take one photo while there.

but a post would be remiss without a real photo. so the second best thing i ate this week was an oldie but standard favorite: the roasted beet salad with marcona almonds at chez shea. today it came with tart passion fruit dressing. and this i did take a picture of:

the publican is still worth a visit if you’re in chicago, a shrine to the pig and long list of beers.

chez shea is always, always a half moon bay must.

best thing (i ate): nate appleman

i am obviously opening myself to ridicule by suggesting i “ate” him. whatever. semantics aside, the top chef siting totally made my foodie week.

week ending may 30, 2010: nate appleman watching me watching him…

ya i’m major gawker, and his expression plainly reads “seriously? you’re a moron”… he was small in stature, tat-ed up, all lean like the streets of new york and he makes a mean little pizza. and i really, really delighted in his farro pudding topped with goat milk’s yogurt and dates. so what if he thinks i’m moronica?

visit him at his new ny digs: pulino’s. i love when chefs are actually at their restaurants.

best thing i ate: thai sunday brunch

this may be a little of a cheat, but i am going with the experience as opposed to it being purely the best thing i ate this week.

week ending may 23, 2010: thai temple brunch

only on sundays, super mayhem and quintessential berkeley. this is a thai spread brunch held in the courtyard of this small thai temple, you trade in for dollar tokens and there are multiple stations: vegetarian, meat, soup noodle, dessert and apps. people pick up their food selection and sit at the community tables or spill over onto the lawns of the library next door.

the food is solid thai — we had fried spiced squash, spicy green beans, chicken and pineapple curry, pad thai.. and a delicious mango sticky rice paired with an egg custard and sweet black rice. just make sure to get 2 items on rice so you pay 6 tokens, not 5 for single items.

check out the details here: wat mongkolratanaram